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 deck de structure 12 (SD12) CURSE OF DARKNESS

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Date d'inscription : 27/09/2007

MessageSujet: deck de structure 12 (SD12) CURSE OF DARKNESS   Lun 29 Oct - 13:24

「ストラクチャーデッキ 暗闇の呪縛」
Curse of Darkness
1x Complete Deck with 40 Cards (8 new cards)
1x Rule Book
1x Playing Guide
1x Duel Field Map
- Features cards from the large group of Dark Attributes!
- Deck strategy that inflicts effect damage to the opponent's lifepoints through the use of Magic and Trap cards, offering a new playing
- 8 new cards to strengthen the Dark attribute.

SD12-JP001 Demon Diabolos

DARK/Dragon – Effect/7/2800/1000
This card cannot be Special Summoned. When this card is Tribute Summoned, the Tribute must be a DARK monsters. During your opponent's Draw Phase before he draws, you can check the top card of your opponent's Deck and put it in either to the top or the bottom of the Deck. This card cannot be used as a Tribute for card effects.

SD12-JP002 Death King Lich Lord

When you Tribute Summon this card, the Tribute must be DARK. If this card is sent to the Graveyard used as Tribute for card effects, return this card to your hand.

SD12-JP003 Dark King Prometes

DARK/Demon – Effect/4/1200/800
When this card is Normal Summoned, you can remove from play any number of DARK monsters in your Graveyard. This card gains 400 ATK for each monster removed from play by this effect, until the end of the turn.

SD12-JP004 Mist Demon
Dark/Demon – Effect/5/2400/0
This card can be Normal Summoned without Tribute. If this card is Normal Summoned this way, this card is destroyed during the End Phase and you take 1000 damage.

SD12-JP005 Plague Wolf

Once per turn, you can double this card's original ATK. If you do, this card is destroyed during the End Phase

SD12-JP006 Goblin Zombie

SD12-JP007 Axe Dragonewt

SD12-JP008 Killer Tomato

SD12-JP009 Mask of Darkness

SD12-JP010 Spirit Reaper

SD12-JP011 Giant Orc

SD12-JP0012 Stealth Bird

SD12-JP013 Tenacious Killer Doll

SD12-JP014 Repeating Nightmare

Normal Magic
Return to your hand 2 DARK monsters with 0 DEF from your Graveyard.

SD12-JP015 Sacrifice Sword

Equip Magic
Equip only to a DARK monster. It gains 400 ATK. If the equipped monster is used as a Tribute and this card is sent to the Graveyard, return this card to your hand.

SD12-JP016 Shield Crush

SD12-JP017 Iron Cage Of Nightmares

SD12-JP018 Cyclone

SD12-JP019 Hurricane

SD12-JP020 Megamorph

SD12-JP021 Emissary Of Obliteration

SD12-JP022 Heavy Storm

SD12-JP023 Ectoplasm

SD12-JP024 Pot of Avarice

SD12-JP025 Magical Mallet

SD12-JP026 Deck Destruction Virus of Darkness

Normal Trap
Tribute 1 DARK monster with 2500 ATK or more. Declare either Magic or Trap Card. Check all Magic and Trap Cards on your opponent's side of the field, your opponent's hand, and all cards they draw (until the end of your opponent's 3rd turn after this card's activation), and destroy all cards of the declared type.

SD12-JP027 Deck-Destruction Virus of Death
(Crush Card Virus)

SD12-JP028 Deck Destruction Virus of Magic

SD12-JP029 Magic Cylinder

SD12-JP030 Just Desserts

「邪悪なるバリア -ダーク・フォース-」
SD12-JP031 Dark Mirror Force

SD12-JP032 Dimension wall
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deck de structure 12 (SD12) CURSE OF DARKNESS
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